Young Pups

Meet our newest CockyBoy, Raphael Marino. Raphael’s got a lean, muscular body, and a mop of wavy dark hair that perfectly accentuates his jaw line. Though he doesn’t have any tattoos, Raphael’s got a tongue piercing and this wicked cock piercing (a double prince Albert) that goes right through the head! We had to hook him up with one of our most alternative dudes at CockyBoys, Frankie V., and sure enough, they instantly clicked.

Skaterz Emo Twinks

This is a really Hot video…RED HOT…. I loved the first 3 guys and I really liked there lovely Cocks…I loved it at about 14 minute mark the guy getting fucked as he lay on pool deck..the guy Topping/fucking him really gave it to him fucked and pounded his cock into him hard and deep…I want him to Top me like that…Awesome

Smooth Muscles

Both of these guys are hot and the kissing is very hot. I especially love the guy who bottomed ever since I saw him do a solo. I can’t imagine being lucky enough to have him open his legs for me and let me penetrate him and have him keep asking me to fuck him while watching him stroke his big long cock to a juicy orgasm with the head of his cock getting beet red from the friction. I love that he has hair in all the right places and listening to his deep voice. The top has a nice ass.